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3 Easy WaysTo Improve Collaboration

When your team works together effectively, truly anything is possible. Here’s how MindMeister can help.


Brainstorm Online Instead of In-Person

Compared to in-person brainstorms, online brainstorming sessions have been found to increase the creative output by almost 50%. It’s time to ditch the whiteboard and let people work remotely.

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Focus on Actionable Outcomes

Collaborative meetings are some of the biggest time-wasters in business life. By focusing on actionable outcomes you ensure that meetings are more effective and enjoyable for all participants.

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Develop Collaborative Knowledge Maps

Create a company culture of knowledge sharing through collaborative maps that hold your company’s assets, resources and other types of information. Combine MindMeister with G Suite for best results.

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Try Out Our Collaboration Features

Take a tour of MindMeister’s collaboration features, from the different ways to share maps to our practical history view, which lets you retrace who contributed what and when.

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