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Getting organized is the first step towards doing your best work. Your hard work will go further and you'll spend more time doing what you love.

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Sarah, Community at Big Cartel
A yellow marker sitting on an open notebook with a hand-drawn calendar.

Your Schedule Is Yours to Design

As your own boss, you decide when and how to work. So embrace your quirks, stay flexible as you figure out your preferences, and relax into a routine.

A woman sitting at a coffee shop counter, working on a laptop computer.

Unexpected Roadblocks to Productivity

Spend some time reflecting on everything from your environment to your tools to identify what might be preventing you from being your most productive self.

White paint cuts across a transparent surface. Behind it, a person is standing but out of focus.

Why Stress Management Matters for Creatives

After you make your art, you've got to be the head marketer, salesperson, web developer, accountant, and spokesperson. It's important to find ways to handle all that pressure.


“It felt like jumping off a cliff, but somehow I was convinced to go ahead and take the plunge.”

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Keli Spanier
Building a business of one with colette paperie
In what is clearly an old candid photo from the 1980s, a man and boy sit together on a white couch.

Inside Out: Get to Know the Big Cartel Team

Our team doesn't just build tools for artists: many of us work on some art of our own. Read about how we spend our free time, and what we're making these days.


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