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The long road

Three weeks, twenty-one stages, 3,480 kilometres, thirty mountain passes. Paris and Brussels aren’t too far apart, unless you’re a cyclist. Today the greatest show in cycling begins. Buckle up, it’s all set to be a belter.

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EF Gone Racing

Over the next three weeks, we’ll be on the road with the EF Education First team, condensing every pedal stroke of their race into five episodes of EF Gone Racing. To whet your appetite, here’s a little taste of what’s to come.


Stage profiles

A double shot of road racing reportage, our Doppio magazine goes digital this year. Thursday’s first online instalment evaluated the chances of each team. Now, in the second, we take a look at the terrain they will traverse in a comprehensive review of le parcours.

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Postal stamp T-shirts

Planning the route of the Tour is no mean feat, balancing visits to traditional Tour towns and uncovered gems. Our latest collection of t-shirts celebrates a selection of the race’s legendary locations and iconic stages.


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Grey Marl

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Hats off

EF Education First Bucket Hat

Ahead of the Tour, pick up the most sought after spectator’s accessory – the EF Education First Bucket Hat. These aren’t the flimsy publicity caravan ones, either. Keep the sun off your neck while you wait by the roadside for your cycling heroes to appear, or pull it over your eyes for that inevitable mid-stage nap in front of the telly.

Joining the dots

2000km with Lachlan Morton at GBDuro

Taking a break from the usual WorldTour calendar, Lachlan Morton has just put in the biggest week of his life. Setting off from Cornwall, he was joined by dotwatchers on his way north to John o’ Groats. Find out more about this new race and the phenomenon that is dotwatching.

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Mid-season savings

Feeling inspired to ride? Make the most of our mid-season savings and head out on your next ride in fresh kit.



If Lachlan’s 2000 kilometre odyssey across Britain has inspired you to go long, our latest handbook could be of assistance. Packed with advice from a plethora of long-distance experts, it helps you work smart, not hard in achieving your aim.

And finally…

How has cycling kit changed in the last few years? On first glance, it looks very similar but take a closer look. How many flappy, baggy jerseys do you see on today’s opening Tour stage? Not many. The label from our first Aero Jersey explains why…