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Welcome to the Juicero Newsletter.
We're Juicero. It's so great to meet you.

Our team is on a mission to invent products, services, and experiences that help people consume more fresh, organic produce everyday. We’ve spent the past three years building the first countertop press for cold-pressed juice, which makes delicious, nutrient-dense juice with the touch of a button.

Our newsletter is a place for us to share everything we’ve learned about plant-based living over the course of our journey as a company – you can expect the latest in health, wellness, and planet-mindfulness. If knowledge is half the battle, then consider this the start of a healthier you.

We've launched in California and have plans to expand as soon as possible. For our friends outside the state, hang tight! If you're based in California, lucky you—you can make Juicero yours today.

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