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(Good Enough) Resolutions
For those of us stuck in unfulfilling jobs, January tends to be the time of year when our dissatisfaction reaches its peak. As we return to work after an end-of-year break, resuming our usual routines as the days are at their coldest and darkest, our feelings of aimlessness, boredom, and spiritual decay are at their most acute. We feel we’re only one more pointless meeting or passive aggressive email away from simply rising from our desks and walking out for good.

In such moments, we entertain fantasies of finding a different job - one that unites the practical goal of earning an income with the spiritual one of attaining inner fulfillment. There are many things holding us back from realising such fantasies: our worries about money; our uncertainty about what such a job might entail, or how we can go about attaining it; and our nagging conviction that the universe is conspiring to deny us from getting what we want.

Rather than putting pressure on ourselves to plan and execute a major move, we might try out branching projects or small adventures on the side - small, achievable steps towards a more meaningful career.
The School of Life has been helping people to find fulfilling careers for over 10 years. We’ve developed a range of books, classes and emotional well-being tools to help you determine exactly what you want from a job; establish the particular talents and passions you possess; and take practical steps towards realising these in your existing role - or an entirely new one. Read on to find out more.
How to Take Small Steps
Towards a More Meaningful Role
Write down a list of jobs or general areas of work that you feel attracted to - ones you feel might provide you with the sense of inner fulfillment you’ve been missing.
Think about the small changes you can make that would help you to establish if you have talents in or an aptitude for a particular job or area, without making the big, revolutionary step of committing to it,

For instance:
  • Ask to try out a different area of work within your organisation
  • Take a holiday: not to a place but to a job. Ask to follow someone around for a week of observation
  • Try to speak to someone who has this kind of job already. Invite them out for coffee (or a beer or two)
  • Imagine you are a method actor preparing for a major role playing someone in this job. Read the books and magazines they read; buy the products they buy; imagine yourself in character
  • Do an internship below your pay grade
  • Do an evening course
Tools for a More Rewarding Career
100 Questions: Work Edition
True fulfilment is hard to imagine without the possibility of finding work that not only pays but also taps into our talents and aspirations: a job one can love. Inside this box you will find 100 carefully composed questions designed to help you start a conversation about you and your working life.

£20 / €25 / $30
How to Identify Your Career Potential Class
Many of us have a strong (and sometimes maddening) feeling that there is a job out there that could properly satisfy us, allowing us to develop our potential and talent. This class takes us from unfocused aspirations towards a clear-headed and realistic plan as to what our next professional steps should be.

£55 Standard (plus fees) | £40 Friends
The Imposter Syndrome
"The root cause of the impostor syndrome is a hugely unhelpful picture of what other people are really like. We feel like impostors not because we are uniquely flawed, but because we fail to imagine how deeply flawed everyone else must also be beneath a more-or-less polished surface."
– Extract from A Job to Love | The School of Life Press
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